Areas of Expertise
Thinking outside the box

Dr. Baiden can speak on, discuss or consult on any of the following topics …

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Dr. Baiden and his team have pioneered the use of AI and Cooperative robotics for industrial applications.  For example, our system has three different robots being operated from a Command Centre several kilometers away.  These robots used AI swarming technology, specialized positioning and high bandwidth communication to attempt to dismantle 360,000 kilograms of primed and ready to detonate explosives.

greg baiden with nasa robot command centre

Industrial Tele-Autonomous Robots

Dr. Baiden has extensive experience in designing and implementing tele-autonomous robots in the mining industry, both surface and underground. Current technology being tested are robots and command centres for undersea and lunar mining applications.

Robot Control Command Centres

Gaming console technology can be used to apply tele-autonomy to heavy machinery or robots.  One person can operate multiple machines from a romote operating console in a remote command centre using innovative wireless communications, also developed and patented by Dr. Baiden.

tele robotic command centres
wireless led LiFi networking

Omni-directional High Capacity Wireless Networking

Dr. Baiden has registered patents on a new OCS™ (Optical Communications Systems).  OCS™ is targeted to supersede 5G & 6G and pojected uses are for underwater, underground, surface and outer space.

Applications would include mining, military, manufacturing, farming and exploration.

Geospatial Mapping Systems

Technology supersedes SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) and is ideal for mining, sewers, underwater and  exploration applications.

Can be used in GPS and/or GPS-Denied environments and has fast, high tech, solid communications.

geospatial mapping