Dr. Greg Baiden photo

Greg is a trained business R&D manager as well as a skilled academic researcher. During his career Greg has led many teams of people from small highly talented groups to large multi-hundred person business organizations. He has skills in managing these groups from the basics of safety and personnel management to “big” ideas. Greg and his teams have been responsible for conceiving, engineering and implementing many new patented machine systems.

Greg has held many distinctive positions in his career as a result of his unique “thinking outside-the-box” approach when it comes to challenging areas. This ability has led to robotic and intelligent systems applications in mining, agriculture, construction, transportation, maritime, security, military and space as well as over 30 patents.

Greg is a sought after consultant and speaker on topics including leadership, technology and their outcomes to society. His involvement in major projects include: leading and conceiving the Mining Automation Project including Inco, Tamrock, Dyno Nobel and the Canadian government, consulting on undersea mining with Nautilus Mining, leading the strategic planning for the Canadian Space Agency and Shackleton Energy in commercial mining of water on the moon, the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems international Project as a Canadian representative to establishing international R&D in intelligent systems for manufacturing. This was a collaborative effort between Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, EC (Economics and Social Science Services Canada) and EFTA (European Free Trade Association).