Greg’s Long History Of
Thinking Outside The Box

A picture is worth a thousand words. Just watch and listen.

First Time Mine Network Test - LHD Teleoperation

INS Guidance Trials

First fully autonomous mining truck system 1991

RF Based Communication in Mine

Private video

Mobile Surveyor 1

Mobile Surveyor 2

Mobile Surveyor 3

Long Hole Production Drilling - Teleoperation and Automation

MAP - Pilot Mine being operated from the surface command centre

Summary of Multiple Telerobotic LHD Operation Scenerio

Simulated RF Detonator Trial

Dr. Greg Baiden has a long history in the communications and telerobotic industry. It all started with his thesis at McGill University in 1993 when he used an IBM XT PC to remotely operate a front end loader in an underground mine from an above ground control centre.

The next several years of his life were spent in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada developing autonomous mining equipment for INCO.

Greg is still thinking outside the box and holds several patents for his yet-to-be-developed technology that is tweaking the interest of many potential suitors  and could very well change this world and how we settle and survive on other worlds in the future.

Deep sea telerobotic mining of minerals on the ocean floor is also on the near horizon.